E Komo Mai... Aloha and Welcome!

"Hana Hou" in Hawaiian means once more or again. We at Hana Hou Hula Productions pride ourselves on bringing you "a Polynesian Experience worthy of an Encore."

We specialize in authentic dance lessons and cultural presentations from our heritage of Hawai'i.

Experience Hana Hou Hula

Feel the spirit of Aloha and experience the unique Hawaiian culture through our dance lessons, seminars, and cultural presentations.  Many of our staff have been trained by the best instructors in Hawai'i and have performed at the best luau shows on the islands.  We pride ourselves on bringing the best of Hawai'i to you!

What People Are Saying

“I'm a proud member of Hana Hou and Hana Hou is one of the best organizations my daughters and I have been a part of!  There are so many opportunities to learn about Hawaiian culture and dance, to connect with others, to be involved in our community and to bring the Aloha spirit to people of all ages.  I would highly recommend this hula experience!” Karen-Naperville

“I've worked at a dance studio for 3 years now and I know how much work and thought goes into a recital and I have to say that I was very pleased at how well the Hula recital went. You all deserve a pat on the back! I had a great time. I really enjoyed the classes and seeing my daughter and all the rest of the amazing dancers dance.”  Juliann-Aurora

“I couldn’t be happier with my Hana Hou Hula Productions experience. My favorite thing was that my child enjoyed the classes and looked forward to going every week. Her favorite part was the recital. I will be signing my daughter up again and would absolutely refer the classes to my friends.”  Melissa-Naperville

“Your troupe is fabulously talented, the dances are beautiful and vibrant, and the Welch community enjoys your performances tremendously.”  Dori-Welch Elementary PTA

“Our entire family has been part of Hana Hou for two years. We have so much fun! Hana Hou provides a unique environment of support along with opportunities to perform what we learn in different settings. This really helps us all to build self-confidence. We all enjoy the Hawaiian culture and our immersion in it really enriches our lives. More than anything we know we are part of a family with Hana Hou, our “hula” family.”  Renee-Aurora